Real Estate

Real Estate

At Lombardo, DeVellis & Smith LLP, we understand that the purchase and permitting of real estate for commercial, industrial, recreational or residential development is a market driven, intricate legal process with a high risk / reward ratio for our clients. We provide practical legal advice grounded in a broad knowledge base of municipal law and understanding of the local communities and their land use boards.Importantly, we respect the need as much as possible to align and harmonize the permitting strategy with the terms of the business deal for the acquisition for the property.

With extensive practical development experience, we are able to take a project from conceptual evaluation and due diligence through permitting and financing to purchase and lease-up.

Our practical experience allows us to advise sellers of real estate from the inception of a transaction, including negotiation of the broker contract, to the offer and purchase agreement phase through the consummation of the sale.

General Real Estate Matters

We also regularly represent individuals, corporations and institutions in all aspects of real estate law. We represent buyers, developers, sellers, landlords and tenants in connection with real estate transactions.

Our clients call on us to advise them in various types of real estate matters such as obtaining local, state and federal permits for development of land; advice regarding title matters including easements and restrictions; and the purchase & sale and financing of their properties.

Zoning, Permitting and Development

Lombardo, DeVellis & Smith LLP represents developers and property owners in projects throughout the Northeast on zoning and development matters. L&D is able to advise clients on zoning and land use matters including planning, permitting – including wetland orders and zoning variances and special permits, administrative proceedings and environmental issues including cleanups, remediation strategies, hazardous-waste laws and compliance.

Our understanding of local, state and federal regulations allows us to help our clients in all aspects of their zoning, environmental and development matters.


Lombardo, DeVellis & Smith LLP assists our clients with all aspects of leasing services for commercial space, industrial, office, retail and residential rental units. L&D works with both landlords and tenants across a wide array of industries in transactions including short and long term leases, subleases and assignments, ground leases and lease to purchase deals.